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How do I get ready for an install?
After downloading the app to iOS, you must fill out your email address for sending and receiving bills in the one-time setup form. Wait five seconds for iOS to finish the preparation. Then, go to the Messages app to open the app in iMessage. Repeat on each of your devices under the same iTunes account.
To share bills with your iMessage groups and email contacts, go to "More" > "Sync Contacts" from your Calculator. Give your permission to access your contacts if prompted. Note that all your contacts stay on your devices as stated in our privacy policy. And, sync your contacts when you've updated your Contacts app.
For the best user experience, have your friends install the app with the Extra Features suite. If not, you can share bills via email.
To install the same version over, reboot the memory for the Messages app by restarting the device beforehand or afterwards.

What happens if I just tap on a message without opening the app first?
Although the Calculator screen will open, the content won't be available. You need to tap the Compact tool at the top center to go back to iMessage, then tap that bubble to open your Calculator.
To open the app, tap on an existing conversation for the group you want in the Messages app, select the app from the app drawer, and tap once anywhere inside the SplitBuddy compact screen. Then, your Calculator will appear in a full screen.
Always check if the current thread marked on the top center of iMessage is the same as the group name below the bill title on your Calculator.

What do I do if the "Unable to load SplitBuddy" message appears?
Tap the "App Tray" button on and off to refresh the memory.
Tap the app icon on the app drawer to open the Calculator in compact mode.
Tap a bubble in iMessage or tap anywhere inside the SplitBuddy compact screen. Then, the Calculator screen will open to a full screen.
If a blank screen appears, tap the \"Erase\" button in the upper right corner to close it, then repeat the above steps to load the app.
To clean up your app data, open the app from iOS. Tap the "Scrub" button. Then, launch the app from iMessage again.

What can I delete?
To delete a bill, open your Recents list to a specific group. Scroll to it, then swipe left on it and confirm your request.
To cancel a photo receipt, tap the "Trash" button in the Photo Receipt screen and give your confirmation.
To erase a group, open the Group Manager screen, and then tap the "Trash" button in the group that you don't need anymore.

What can I undo?
To discard any changes made to the current bill, tap on the "Refresh" button on the tab bar and hit the "Start Over" option. Just to refresh the split table on the base expense, tap the "New Split" option instead.
You can choose to cancel your request to delete a bill or group by hitting "No" in the confirmation message.

Can I work offline in SplitBuddy?
Yes, you can work offline when you don't have to send or receive bills through iMessage. For instance, you can check out the bills between Messages groups without Wi-Fi. When you're back on Wi-Fi, you can share them and get paid.

Why does the app exit to iOS sometimes?
There are important tasks that can only be done in iOS while you accessing the In-App Purchase feature, loading photo receipts, and sending money with the Wallet app.
When you tap the "In-App-Purchase" button on the tab bar to complete a purchase, you need to open the app to the iMessage again.
To download a photo attachment, the app will go to iOS to get the photo ready for iMessage. However, you have to fire up the app to the same group in iMessage again to check the result.
To send money via Wallet, the app will go to iOS and might return you to the Messages app, where you can send the preset message to the organizer. Next, open Apple Pay and tap on the amount underlined in that message. When it's posted, tap the "Pay" button to send money to the organizer.

Why do I need to add Messages groups to the app?
For reliable messaging and fast search, bills are tagged with group names.
With the Group Manager, you can easily add a group identical to the iMessage thread you want, select the same set of participants, and invite them to join. Once your friends tapped the invite to join, they can participate as event organizers too. Your effort is well worth it.
Plus, you can easily point the app to another group to check out the bills sent and received on the respective Recents list.

Why some of my friends in the Contacts app isn't accessible?
The app will post your contacts if their email addresses are listed in the home or work field.
With iMessage, you're required to provide phone numbers in the phone, mobile, or main category as well.
Open your Contacts app in iOS, add any missing information, then tap Done. Now, get back to your Calculator for the same iMessage thread. Then, tap the "More" button on the tab bar and hit the "Sync" button. When you open the app again to the Group Manager screen, you should be able to find your friends and assign them to the group you want.

When do I send invites?
In order to share bills, the organizer must tap the "Invite" button in the group he or she just created. When the invitation bubble appears in iMessage, tap the "Send" button as well.
When you friends received the invite, each can tap on it to get the "Joined" message.
When you add more participants to the thread, send the invite again.

Why can't I send invites from the Manage Groups screen?
You must be the organizer who created the group in order to send the invite.
The group you send the invite to must be the same as the current iMessage thread. To point the app to the group you want, tap the "Home" button in that group on the Manage Groups screen. When you tap outside to exit, the group name will appear below the bill title on your Calculator for verification.

What if I send the bill to the wrong iMessage group?
If you notice the group name in the bubble isn't the same as the one on top of the iMessage screen, cancel it by tapping on the small "Erase" button at the upper right corner. Next, open the Messages app, tap on a conversation in that thread, and open the app again to send that bill.
If you notice the mistake after having tapped the "Send" button, message a follow-up apology, change the thread in the Messages app, then open the app to send that bill again.

Which expense shall I declare as a base expense?
In the Add-a-Base field, enter the expense that'll be split among all participants such as monthly rent or that'll incur a tip amount such as a dinner bill. Initially, the base expenses will be evenly split. After verifying the party size, you can toggle the "Split" button to fair. As the app assigns tentative fair splits by participants, you can change them to the way best for your group. However, it shouldn't include any cost from the Other Expenses items.
As you enter the base share for each participant, the math checker will show any remaining amount to add or to cut. The "Good Job!" message will appear when the total shares you entered equals the base amount. Also, the app will instantly update any changes you made to shares of amount dues as long as you keep the splitting option and party size the same.
Your fair-split method can be used for other expenses. You can keep adjusting your fair split, and the app will update the rest.

Why can't I change the total amount due?
The total and individual amount dues are computed by the app and displayed to the right of your Calculator. Specifically, it'll split the base expense as specified, add the other expenses with considerations of prepayments, contributions, personal extras, and coupon credits if applicable. By tapping anywhere inside the Amount Due field, you can look up the details at a glance.

Do I enter the base expense or other expenses first?
It's up to you. The base expense is a required entry if you want to do a fair split. To avoid double counting, don't include any other expenses in the base amount. If you only have other expenses to report, swipe right on your Calculator to fill in the details on the Other Expenses screen.

What's a single split?
If a participant opts to pay for the full amount of a specific expense, the organizer can tap that "Split" button to open the Select-a-Split popup. Then, select the "Single" button and tap his or her name on the list. The app will add that amount to his or her share and update that "Split" button.

How do I share bills as messages or emails?
Be sure that the app points to the same group as your current iMessage thread, and you're the event organizer.
Tap the "Share" button to post it to iMessage if the bill is on the current Calculator. If not, tap the "Recents" button to find it on your Recents list. Then, tap that "Edit" button in the Amount Due circle, and hit the "Share" button. Finally, tap the "iMessage" button in the popup.
When the billing message appears in iMessage, simply tap the "Send" button.
If there are participants not in the iMessage group, you can select a bullet from the Share popup, and tap the "Apple Mail" button to send a list of payment requests.

How do I get paid back?
If you've added and sent the bill, a recipient will receive the billing message. When he fires up the app to the same group and tap it, the Pay-via-App screen opens with access to Apple Wallet, Venmo, and PayPal.
By using Wallet, a recipient can send a preset message to the organizer. Then, he opens Apple Pay, and tap on the dollar amount underlined in that message, then tap the "Pay" button to complete the transfer.
To verify whether you get paid for a specific bill, look up the transaction history in the payment app that you used.

How can the app help me to customize the splits?
The app will do all the work with instant update so you can focus on sorting out the nature of expenses and assigning the proper splits. With prepayments, contributions, personal extras, and coupon credits properly recorded, the app will prepare the total, individual, and summarized amount dues. So, everyone can quickly verify the results and pay you back without question.

How do I look up the bill not on the my Recents?
Tap the "More" button on your Calculator, and then hit the "Search-Mail" button on the menu bar.
In the Search+Mail screen, you can enter keywords to search through titles, group names, and notes to find the bill you want. Or, you can select a month filter to narrow the search.
For keyword search, tap anywhere inside to see results, and then tap the "Search" button to go back to your history.
By swiping on one of the search results, you can review the details on the Calculator, Other Expenses, or Amount Due report.

How do I email a bill?
When you tap the "Share" button on the tab bar on your Calculator, you can choose to send the bill via iMessage to friends on the app or via email to friends in the split by Apple Mail.
Before tapping Send, you can customize the preset email message and recipient list. And, the app will attach the bill, photo receipt, and amount Due report to the email in printable PDF.

How do I select a photo receipt from my camera roll?
By opening your Recents list to the group you want, tap the "Camera Roll" button in the bill you want.
When the monthly collections appear in the top row, tap the one you want to bring up the thumbnails.
If the Select-a-Photo screen is empty, tap the "Sync" button to load your camera roll for photos taken in the last six months. Note that screenshots will be skipped.
If you don't see the one you want, swipe to load the next batch. Or, start with another collection.
When you find the one you want, tap the "Zoom" button to enlarge it for verification, and tap anywhere inside to close it. Then, tap on the one you want to checkmark it.
Finally, tap the "Attach" button to pop up the Photo Receipt screen. Now, tap the "Share" button to post it to iMessage, or tap the "Back" button to return to your Recents list.

What's the best way to attach a photo receipt?
If you do have the receipts in your camera roll from the last six months, find the bill from your Recents list, then tap the "Camera Roll" button to attach the one you want. Otherwise, snap a bunch of receipts in iMessage, repeat the step to access the camera roll, sync them to the app, and then attach the photo receipt.

How do I load photo receipts?
Be sure to load the bill first by tapping on the billing message you want. When the Calculator opens, go back to iMessage, and note the filename in the smaller attachment bubble.
Tap the top section where participants are listed, and then select the "info" button when it appears.
Scroll down to select the Attachments section.
Find and tap that filename.
Tap the "Share" button at the upper right, and then scroll the menu to select the "Copy to SplitBuddy" button. When a "Receipt Loaded" message appears in iOS, go back to the same thread in iMessage.
Launch the app for the same group and tap the "Recents" button to open your Recents list. Now, tap on the "Photo" button for that bill to view the receipt or send it with the bill to your group.

Are there any known problems?
You can name a Messages group only if all participants are using iOS devices with contact information on email addresses and phone numbers. However, you can add them to events and send them bills via email.
To be more precise, the app doesn't round off split amounts to whole dollars. However, the percent values are displayed as whole numbers and will appear with round-off errors.
In order to see the apostrophe character, you need to go to settings > general > keyboard and turn off Smart Punctuation.
Before selecting participants from Add-a-Group screen, the group name just entered might appear doubled if you tap on it.
When you send a bill with a photo receipt, iMessage will message it as "Attachment: 1 Unknown".
The number keyboard requires you to enter the amount "0" in order to clear the existing amount on the Other Expenses screen.
After the app has been installed, wait for five seconds before opening the iMessage to launch the app. Otherwise, the SplitBuddy icon on the app drawer won't display and function correctly.

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