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How do I get ready for an install?
After you've downloaded the app, open SplitBuddy from iOS. Fill out your name and email address for one-time sign up. Repeat on each of your devices under the same iTunes account.
If this is the first-time install, import your contacts with our app in iOS to support iMessage groups and emails. Then, do Import again whenever you update your Contacts app.
To support group sharing, have your friends install the app with the Extra Features suite.
Do a backup before installing any update if you have the Extra Strength suite. You can open the app in iOS, and tap the Backup button. Then, tap the Restore button as needed.
If you're installing the same version again, you must restart the device before or after the install for the Messages app to reboot the memory.

What happens if I did not open the app first?
If you tap on an invite received in iMessage, a dark blue background will appear, and you won't be able to join the group.
You need to go back to tap the SplitBuddy icon on the app drawer, and then tap that invite message. You're in when the Calculator screen opens with the group name below the bill title.
If you tap on a bill received in iMessage, it won't open to your Calculator. Follow the steps above to open the app and then tap the bill-to-pay message.

What do I do if the Calculator won't open after tapping on a bubble in iMessage?
Launch the app from the app drawer again.
Tap the Expand tool to open the Calculator to a full screen.
Tap the Collapse tool at the top to return to iMessage.
Tap that message again, and the Calculator, Recent 25 list, or Pay via App screen will open.
Be sure that you have joined the app group. If not, go back to find the invite message and tap on it. The calculator will open with the group name below the bill title. It's a good practice to keep the iMessage thread aligned with the app group.

Why do I need to add Messages groups to the app?
You only have to create a group to match an existing one in the Messages app once. You and your friends can share group bills, get separate notes, and make payments, while everyone can take turns to be the event organizer.
By tapping the Group button on your Calculator, you can easily add Messages groups and invite participants to join, or point to another group to line up with the current thread. If you have imported your contacts, selecting participants is made simple with a friendly address book.
Meanwhile, all your bills are organized by group and stored on your Recent 25 list. Also, they can be shared instantly as messages.

Why some of my friends in the Contacts app isn't accessible?
The app will post your contacts if their email addresses have been provided.
With iMessage, you're required to provide phone numbers as well.
You can go to iOS > Contacts to add any missing information, then open the app, and tap Import Contacts. Finally, open the Calculator from iMessage, tap the Group button to add that contact to the group you want.

Why can't I send invites from the Manage Groups screen?
You must be the group organizer to send the invite.
The group you send the invite to must be the same as the current iMessage thread. To point the app to the group you want, tap Home in that group on the Manage Groups screen. When you tap outside, your group name will appear below the bill title of your calculator.

When do I send invites?
In order to add and share bills, the organizer must tap the Invite button in the group he or she just created. Also, tap Send when the preset message pops up in iMessage.
When you add more participants to the thread and the matching group in the app, send the invite again.

What if I send the bill to the wrong iMessage group?
If you notice the group name in the bubble isn't the same as the one on top of the iMessage screen, cancel it by tapping on the small Erase icon. Next, open the Messages app and tap on a conversation with the matching group name, open the app again, and then send that bill.
If you notice the mistake after having tapped Send, message a follow-up apology, change the thread in the Message app, then open the app to send that bill again.

How do I share bills as messages?
Be sure that the app points to the same group as your iMessage thread.
Tap the Share button on your Calculator for the bill you want.
When the bill-to-pay bubble appears in iMessage, tap Send without entering any messages.

How do I get paid back?
The event organizer can create and send out bills. When a participant has received the bill-to-pay message, he or she can launch the app, tap that bubble, and then hit Pay to send you the money via Apple Wallet, Venmo, or PayPal.
By using Wallet, one can send a preset reminder for payback to oneself and the sender. Then, open Apple Pay, and tap that dollar amount in the message to complete the transfer.

To verify whether you have paid a specific bill, look it up in the payment app that you used.

How does a base expense relate to a grand total?
A base expense is the amount you want to split with your friend evenly or fairly. It's also the amount used to calculate the tip by percent. A grand total is the sum of base expense and add-on expenses, as shown in the Dollar box. So, you can tap on it to edit the base expense and have the grand total and split table updated instantly.
The fair split will be added as an option to divide the other expenses. As you update any base shares, the app will update all fair splits right away.

Do I enter the base expense or add-on expenses first?
It's up to you. By entering the base expense first, it's easier to adjust individual base shares since the base expense is the grand total. After you've entered the add-on expenses, the grand total and payment shares will include all expenses, and it's harder to verify visually.

Can I split the check on the grand total?
No, you specify the fair split with the base expense, so the app can let you apply it to some or all of the other expenses. By tapping the grand total, you can edit the base amount.

I have my own ideas on how to split the check. Can SplitBuddy help?
The app will do all the work so you can focus on mixing even, fair and specific splits for optimal sharing. For instance, you can keep changing the fair split on the base expense, the app will update any other expenses also set for fair split.

What can I delete?
To delete a bill, open your Recent 25 list to a specific group. Locate it on the list, swipe left and confirm your request.
To cancel a photo receipt, long press anywhere on the image of the Photo Receipt screen, and tap Share to message it to your group.
To erase a group, open the Group Manager screen, and then tap the Trash button in the group that you don't need anymore.

What can I undo?
To discard the last change made to a bill opened from your Recent 25 list, shake your device. And, You'll return to your Recent 25 list.
To discard a new bill that's incomplete, long press on the Refresh button.
To cancel the current choice on the style, tap anywhere outside the screen.

How do I select a photo receipt from my camera roll?
By opening your Recent 25 list to the group you want, tap the Camera Roll button in the bill you want.
When the monthly collections appear in the top row, tap the one you want to bring up the thumbnails. If the Select-a-Photo screen is empty, tap the Sync button to load your camera roll for photos taken in the last six months. You need to sync the photos again when there are new ones in your camera roll.
If you don't see the one you want, swipe to load the next batch. Or, start with another collection.
When you find the one you want, tap Zoom to enlarge it for verification, and tap anywhere to close it. Then, tap on the one you want to checkmark it.
Finally, tap Next to pop up the Photo Receipt screen. Now, tap Share to post it to iMessage, or tap Back to return to your Recent 25 list.

What's the best way to attach a photo receipt?
If you do have the originals in your camera roll for the last six months, attach one with the CameraRoll button. Otherwise, snap a bunch of receipts and then go through your camera roll.
Tap the Camera button if you only have a few photo receipts to do, which will be added to the camera roll for future use.

How do I load photo receipts?
Tap on the bill-to-pay bubble above the one containing the photo attachment in iMessage. When the Calculator opens, go back to iMessage to note the filename in the attachment bubble.
Tap the top section where participants are listed, and then select the Info button when it appears.
Scroll down to select the Attachments tab.
Find and tap that filename.
Tap the Share button, and then scroll to select Copy-to-SplitBuddy from the menu. When a Receipt Loaded message appears on the SplitBuddy home screen in iOS, go back to iMessage.
Launch SplitBuddy again for the same group and tap Recents to open your Recent 25 list. Now, tap on the Photo button for that bill to view photo receipts.

How do I look up the bill not on the my Recent 25?
Open SplitBuddy from iOS.
In the Search+Mail screen, you can enter keywords to search through titles, group names, and notes to find the bill you want. Or, you can select a month filter to narrow the search.
Swipe through your Calculator, Expenses, and Notes screens to review the detail.

How do I email a bill?
Head to "Search + Mail" of SplitBuddy in iOS, and find the one you want from the Recent-25 list or from search results.
Tap that Size button on the right to check it, then hit the Mail button at the top.
When the Apple Mail app opens, tap Send to distribute the bill and to print the PDF attachment.
Add more recipients or personalize the preset message if you wish.

Can I work offline in SplitBuddy?
Yes, you can work offline when you don't have to send or receive bills through iMessage. For instance, you can check out the bills between Messages groups without Wi-Fi. When you're back on Wi-Fi, you can share them and get paid.

Why does the app exit to iOS sometimes?
There are important tasks that can only be done in iOS.
To download a photo attachment or use your camera to take a photo receipt, the app will go to iOS to get the photo ready for iMessage. However, it needs you to launch the app to the same group in iMessage again to check the result.
To send money via Wallet, the app will go to iOS and might return you to the Messages app. Then, you can send the preset payback message to the organizer and yourself. If the amount is underlined, you can tap to post it to Apple Pay. Then, tap Pay to send money to the organizer.

Are there any known problems?
A blank screen will appear if the app isn't properly loaded. You need to close the iMessage session, open it again from Messages. Now, launch the app again. If a Calculator appears, you can move on. If not, go back to compact mode and expand it to full screen again to bring up your Calculator.
You can name a Message group only if all participants are using iOS devices with contact information on email addresses and phone numbers. If you don't need to keep track participants, use the Solo suite to do the split your way, and take a screenshot before telling your friends to pay on the spot.
To be more precise, the app doesn't round off split amounts to whole dollars now. However, the percent values are whole numbers and will result in round-off errors.
In order to see the apostrophe character, you need to go to settings > general > keyboard and turn off Smart Punctuation.
Before selecting participants from Add-a-Group screen, the group name just entered might appear doubled if you tap on it.


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